Gum for My Boat
Meet the young members of the Bangladesh Surf Club, an oxymoron in a country with plenty of beach, but a conservative Islamic culture that frowns on swimming. (Telegraph21)
The Art of the Foul Ball
Here's the story behind the 32 baseball fans who caught a foul ball in the stands during one Tigers vs. Blue Jays game. (Detroit Free Press)
Just a Minute
A series of 60-second videos celebrate city sights and sounds, from a night of bikeracing to a day at the beach to practicing Parkour. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Holy Cow Jumping!
The sport of Course Landaise, France's answer to bullfighting, combines leaping, spinning and smarter bovines. (Time)
The Chosen Few
In Johannesburg, being a member of an openly lesbian soccer team can mean risking your life. (NYT)
Ocean Calling
A freak accident left paddleboarder Jeff Denholm with a prosthetic arm, but that didn't stop him from competing in a 32-mile race for the sport's unofficial world championship.
Customized bicycles in Oakland, California, called 'scraper bikes,' are the teenager's version of a lowrider car. (California is a Place)
The Schools are Tiny. The Game is Huge.
Two Texas towns are so small that their high schools play six-man football. But their historic rivalry is one of the biggest in the state. (Austin American-Statesman)
In the ultimate conflation of brains and brawn, players alternately exchange punches and chess pieces at a gym in Hollywood. (LAT)
How to Drive a Zamboni
Attention ice skaters! Please stop skating now and exit the rink ... A journalist is operating the Zamboni! (NYT)