William and the Windmill
William Kamkwamba, 14, used scraps from a local junkyard in Malawi to provide electricity to his parents' home. Now he's celebrated internationally. (Toronto Star)
Million Dollar Babies
Two determined couples suffer the financial and emotional consequences of using fertility treatments that result in multiple births. (NYT)
Leveling Appalachia
An investigation into the devastating environmental and social impacts of mountaintop-removal coal mining during the last two decades. (Yale Environment 360 / MediaStorm)
Fallout: The Legacy of Brookhaven Lab
Survivors from an H-bomb test are sent back to radioactive Rondelap island to be used as guinea pigs for research. A 9-part investigative series. (Newsday)
Mission to the Moon
A 40th anniversary six-part assessment of Apollo 11's historic accomplishments, narrated by a science reporter who covered it. (NYT)
Depression: Out of the Shadows
Millions of Americans suffer in silence from this extremely common disease. How can it be recognized ... and treated? Peabody Award winner. (PBS)
Popular Science?
Maggots and putrid odors don't prevent high school students from swarming to Forensic Science classes, a surprisingly alluring elective in the CSI era. (NYT)
Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr
National Geographic's reptile expert travels the world to wrestle with crocodiles and capture giant cobras, all in the name of science.
Charles Darwin in Song
A science historian's scholarly explorations evolve into a one-man musical comedy about the world's most famous naturalist. (NYT)
Science Homework
Like Jonas Salk, who injected his children with his polio vaccine, a new generation of scientists is using its own children for its research.