Tapped Out: When Water Bills Force Foreclosure
Homeowners like Vicki Valentine are getting evicted, not because of unpaid mortgages, but because of small debts owed to local tax collectors. (Huffington Post)
Ocean Calling
A freak accident left paddleboarder Jeff Denholm with a prosthetic arm, but that didn't stop him from competing in a 32-mile race for the sport's unofficial world championship.
Life in Limbo
While their post-college plans aren't working out, young adults take a hard look at their realistic employment options for the future. (Nashville Tennessean)
Customized bicycles in Oakland, California, called 'scraper bikes,' are the teenager's version of a lowrider car. (California is a Place)
A Family at Play
A couple and their 2 kids spend most days in Neverland as they rehearse together for a local production of Peter Pan. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Finding Their Way
Being blind is not a hindrance to computer instructor Jason Fayre. He hopes it will not be for his blind son, who was adopted from India, either. (Denver Post)
Mozingo: Tracing a Family Name to a Hidden Past
Joe Mozingo set out to research his ancestry, never expecting to find that he's descended from a black slave. (LAT)
Four Bullets Later
Three years after Tom Urbanski was shot and paralyzed from the waist down, he's achieved a seemingly impossible goal: to play guitar again in a band. (Las Vegas Sun)
My Virginity, $300
Srey Neth is a Cambodian girl who was forced into prostitution by sex traffickers. A story of despair and redemption. (duckrabbit)
Breaking the Chains of Addiction
Reconnecting with the Torah helps heroin junkies, alcoholics, sex addicts and gamblers at a Jewish rehab center. (LAT)