They've Struck Oil, But They're Not Rich
For Phan Plork, using his shrimp boat and crew for oil cleanup is filthy and dangerous work, and pays only half of what he made before BP fouled the Gulf of Mexico. (LAT)
Iraq and Back
Wounded Marine Major Justin Constantine returned from Iraq and is rebuilding his life while helping other wounded veterans.
High School Heroin Ring
A serious drug epidemic sweeps across Northern Virginia, where upper-middle-class adolescents are getting hooked, overdosing and dying.
Finding Supermodels in Rural Brazil
Scouts comb farming villages offering winsome teenage girls the opportunity to become the next Gisele Bündchen. (NYT)
All That Jazz
Top musicians from around the world descend on Rochester, NY for its annual 9-day music festival. A series of multimedia portraits. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Tami Tushie's Toys
After unhappily struggling to balance career with homemaking, a Minnesota mom decides to host women's parties to hawk sex aids.
Weed Warriors Turn Vines into Art
A Maryland couple turns pesky, non-native plants into whimsical sculptures. (WP)
Grounded by Reality
Jessica is a physically disabled artist who refuses to buy into societal stereotypes regarding her physical appearance. Her artwork documents her body's decline.
Bluegrass musician Greg Garing once played with every Nashville superstar, but now can't afford medical treatments that could save his life.
An American at the Bolshoi
A teenage girl from Texas surmounts enormous obstacles after she beats the odds and enrolls in the esteemed Moscow ballet academy. (NYT)