Death Perceptions
It inevitably touches all of our lives. Meet ten professionals who explain how they deal with death every day. (Columbus Dispatch)
Nazi Doctor's Egyptian Escape
The German known as Dr. Death fled to Cairo, changed his name, converted to Islam, and died in 1992. The most wanted war criminal's whereabouts was unknown until now. (NYT)
Perversion of Justice
Harsh mandatory Federal sentencing guidelines mandate that a first-time drug offender and young mother of three faces life in prison. (Media That Matters)
Burned in the War
A roadside bomb in Iraq left Bobby Henline's face and body disfigured by burns, and his dreams shattered. Here's how he maintains a positive outlook.
The Face of Slavery
Meet Long Pross, a teenager who was tortured and forced into sexual slavery in Cambodia. She's recuperating now, but how can we rescue other girls like her?
Satellite Sheiks Appeal to Youth
Ahmad al-Shugairi is among a new generation of TV preachers who are shaping new ways for young people throughout the Middle East to experience Islam.
Small Business Weathers the Recession
Owners of a butcher shop, a movie tourism service, and a bicycle manufacturer share the hard realities of staying afloat during the down economy.
Guitar Man
Meet Jimmy Foster, a self-taught guitar builder who makes more 7-string guitars than anyone else in the world.
Dedicated to the Disabled
Once an Italian lawyer, Alberto Cairo now helps disabled Afghans live normally again with artificial limbs. He considers himself very lucky.
Andy Swift's life revolves around the world of firefighting. But why is he so passionate about restoring antique fire engines?