Battle of the Blonds
Two Marilyn Monroe impersonators compete for attention on Hollywood Boulevard. (LAT)
Caring For Ella
A family embraces the short time they have with their baby born with trisomy 18, a fatal genetic disorder. (SJMN)
Alabama's Homeboys
Former Los Angeles gang members travel to the South to turn around the lives of impoverished kids whose upbringings are hauntingly familiar. (LAT)
How They Train: Skeleton Racing
See how world champion Noelle Pikus-Pace prepares for her head-first 80 mph trip down an icy track in the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Time)
Leonardo, A Work of Art
Outrageous fashion is the calling card for this Los Angeles hair designer. Just don't call them costumes. (LAT)
Kangaroo Foster Parents
An Australian couple are among 800 volunteers who have turned their homes into nurseries for orphaned marsupials. (Time)
For the Love of Dogs
Sibyl Chaffee discovers that beagles are good company for tromping through the woods on a fall hunting trip. (Eddie Adams Workshop)
Inside the Mind of a Sudoku Master
Thomas Snyder (2007 champ) squares off against his friend and nemesis Wei Hwa Huang (2008 champ) at this year's national tournament showdown. (Time)
Recession: Through Their Eyes
Part cheerleaders, part therapists, these professionals view tough economic times from the perspectives of their clients. (SJMN)
A Concrete Love Story
Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer explains why she's sexually attracted to inanimate objects... and why she married the Berlin Wall. (Dokument 09)