Seinfeld's Jerry Stiller Visits Astoria
The actor best known as George Costanza's father makes a surprise stop at his 'sitcom home' in Queens ... and meets the couple living there. (NY Daily News)
Reacting to Climate Change
Local heroes throughout south Asia emerge to combat the effects of global warming. (China Daily)
Military Families Cope with Traumatic Brain Injury
Soldiers' wives struggle to care for their 'minimally conscious' husbands who were severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. (NJ Star-Ledger)
Project 50: Four Walls and a Bed
Los Angeles County gave 50 hardcore homeless on skid row a place to live with no strings attached. This four-part multimedia series tracks participants over two years. (LAT)
Heroin Addict Finds Hope
Damon Conrow, 26, believes that the only way to rescue himself from a debilitating drug habit is to spend more time in state prison. (Standard-Examiner)
Extreme Couponers Get Groceries for (Almost) Free
Her framing business subsided, so Treasure Philips devotes most of her efforts to strategizing how to get big supermarket discounts. (Time)
Trinity Poire
Three life-saving open-heart surgeries to repair a birth defect have defined the life of a four-year-old girl, and plunged her family into debt. (Arizona Daily Star)
The Quest to Become a Blue Man
Hopefuls audition at an open casting call for a coveted position that requires you to drum, wear paint, act with your eyes, and not speak a word. (Las Vegas Sun)
Obsessives: Soda Pop
John Nese is the Willy Wonka of carbonation. His L.A. specialty store offers more than 500 types of fizzy beverages -- but no Pepsi. (
Reginette's Story
A 13-year-old Haitian girl adjusts to a prosthetic leg provided by a New Hampshire team that aids earthquake victims. (Boston Globe)