Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling
Ken Kobre's groundbreaking new textbook teaches students and professionals how to shoot, edit and produce high-quality videojournalism stories. (Focal Press)
Last Roll of Kodachrome
A photographer shoots his final 36 frames of defunct film at the Missouri State Fair, and then drives hundreds of miles to see what develops. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Seinfeld's Jerry Stiller Visits Astoria
The actor best known as George Costanza's father makes a surprise stop at his 'sitcom home' in Queens ... and meets the couple living there. (NY Daily News)
Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
Dive into the world of real-life storytelling with these bites of wisdom presented by 38 of the genre's top filmmakers from 14 countries. (NFB)
Unmasking the Violence
A shocking 1977 case of spousal abuse, and Farrah Fawcett's subsequent TV movie dramatization, altered laws and attitudes. (Lansing State Journal)
Silverton Saves Its Paper
A local Colorado historical society rescues a small town's beloved century-old weekly publication on the brink of closure. (AARP)
The Deadly Job of Drug War Correspondent
Journalists put their lives at risk covering the border-town violence in Juarez, Mexico, where they find themselves on cartel hit lists. (Time)
Photographing the President
Two photojournalists reflect upon the moments and memories of capturing Pres. George W. Bush through their lenses for eight years. (Time)
Satellite Sheiks Appeal to Youth
Ahmad al-Shugairi is among a new generation of TV preachers who are shaping new ways for young people throughout the Middle East to experience Islam.
Growing Up Online
Just how radically is the internet changing the experience of childhood? Can adults keep up with kids?