Gum for My Boat
Meet the young members of the Bangladesh Surf Club, an oxymoron in a country with plenty of beach, but a conservative Islamic culture that frowns on swimming. (Telegraph21)
5 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina
Although much has been done to rebuild New Orleans after its 2005 disaster, BP's Gulf oil spill presents yet another obstacle to the region's revival. (USA Today)
Perfume: Step into the Ultimate World of Luxury
A fragrance expert reveals why the rare ingredient 'oud' is so prized in the Middle East -- and why it's heading to a perfume counter near you. (The Guardian)
Project 50: Four Walls and a Bed
Los Angeles County gave 50 hardcore homeless on skid row a place to live with no strings attached. This four-part multimedia series tracks participants over two years. (LAT)
Spilling Over
Worried residents of a small Louisiana fishing community face an uncertain future. The Deepwater Horizon disaster destroyed their environment, their livelihoods, and, for some, their families. (UNC)
Extreme Couponers Get Groceries for (Almost) Free
Her framing business subsided, so Treasure Philips devotes most of her efforts to strategizing how to get big supermarket discounts. (Time)
Just a Minute
A series of 60-second videos celebrate city sights and sounds, from a night of bikeracing to a day at the beach to practicing Parkour. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Rediscovering a Passion for Music
After the housing market crashed, Robert Rudolph, 53, left his formerly prosperous career as a mortgage broker to pursue his first love: choir music. (AARP)
The Chosen Few
In Johannesburg, being a member of an openly lesbian soccer team can mean risking your life. (NYT)
Locke and Christina
A young couple finds that a relationship formed at the Smiling Skull Saloon can work -- even when a baby arrives. (Soul of Athens)