The Last Horse Fishermen of Belgium
A few hardy souls in Oostduinkerke carry on this 500-year-old tradition of trawling for shrimp on horseback in the North Sea. (The Guardian)
Tokyo Quest: Ramen 101
Take this quick course in the art of ordering and slurping the wildly popular noodle soup to appreciate what all the fuss is about. (NYT)
Enduring Voices Expedition
Two scientists travel the globe on a mission to preserve endangered languages and cultures before they are lost forever. (National Geographic)
A Privileged Marriage
Elizabeth Holzer, who is Jewish, married Friedel Pschorr, a wealthy Aryan, which saved her life in Nazi Germany. Now 98, she reflects on their intense love story. (BoingBoing)
Abby Sunderland's Quest
A 16-year-old California girl sets out to complete a solo nonstop sailing trip around the world ... and to break her brother's record. (LAT)
Saving the Man Who Saved My Life
An American writer races to aid the badly injured Port-au-Prince orphanage manager who had once helped cure him of malaria. (Time)
Children Full of Life
Tokyo's Toshiro Kanamori teaches his fourth-grade class unconventional lessons in cooperation, compassion and sharing powerful emotions. (KarmaTube)
Diary of a U.S. Marine
Cpl. Jack Hausmann narrates a 3-part video of his experience in Afghanistan during a major assault that pushed U.S. soldiers behind enemy lines. (AP)
Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy
Video series confronts the nightmarish consequences of exposure to the toxic chemical defoliant sprayed by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. (Chicago Tribune)
Surviving the Tsunami
Five years after the worst natural disaster in recent history, survivors reveal the strength of the human spirit in this series of short video stories. (MediaStorm)