Living Without Lights
In rural Ghana, West Africa, no electricity means nights spent mostly in the dark. (MSNBC)
My Virginity, $300
Srey Neth is a Cambodian girl who was forced into prostitution by sex traffickers. A story of despair and redemption. (duckrabbit)
The Fish That Could Feed Haiti
Fish farming seems like a natural enterprise for this island nation, but it took a hard-working consultant from Ivory Coast to make it happen. (Time)
The Gun Markets of Pakistan
Craftsmen with simple hand tools manufacture weapons, from pistols to anti-aircraft firearms, for the Taliban. (VBS.TV)
Abandoned Animals in Colombia
A menagerie of exotic animals has found a haven at Villa Lorena, a refuge that rescues the castoff pets of the country's drug lords. (NYT)
Baby Feras
A Palestinian child in desperate need of heart surgery is trapped behind the Israeli blockade in Gaza. (Al Jazeera)
In Silence: Maternal Mortality in India
The tragic and unnecessary death of a woman in childbirth is a frequent occurrence in rural India. (Magnum)
A Troubled Paradise
This gorgeous tourist destination faces threats from poverty, drug addiction and impending sea-level rise.
Acid Test
The world's oceans are being poisoned by carbon dioxide at an alarming rate and scientists are only beginning to realize it. (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Ian Fisher: American Soldier
PULITZER PRIZE WINNER. A comprehensive look at a young man's two-year journey from high school graduate to Army grunt stationed in Iraq. An 8-part video series.(Denver Post)