Extreme Couponers Get Groceries for (Almost) Free
Her framing business subsided, so Treasure Philips devotes most of her efforts to strategizing how to get big supermarket discounts. (Time)
Obsessives: Soda Pop
John Nese is the Willy Wonka of carbonation. His L.A. specialty store offers more than 500 types of fizzy beverages -- but no Pepsi. (
The Fish That Could Feed Haiti
Fish farming seems like a natural enterprise for this island nation, but it took a hard-working consultant from Ivory Coast to make it happen. (Time)
The Improvisers
Jazz musicians and chefs are creatively spontaneous, but so are surgeons and firefighters. A look at the unscripted moments in all our lives.
The Last Horse Fishermen of Belgium
A few hardy souls in Oostduinkerke carry on this 500-year-old tradition of trawling for shrimp on horseback in the North Sea. (The Guardian)
Tokyo Quest: Ramen 101
Take this quick course in the art of ordering and slurping the wildly popular noodle soup to appreciate what all the fuss is about. (NYT)
Tainted Tap Water
Residents near downtown L.A. are afraid to drink their brown tap water, which contains harmful levels of dangerous chemicals. By antiquated Federal standards, it's considered safe. (NYT)
Bull Penis
In Taiwan, a famous chef prepares an exotic and taboo dinner treat. Is it really an aphrodisiac? (National Geographic)
Tainted Meat
The regulatory system that's supposed to protect us from potentially lethal E.Coli in burgers failed Stephanie Smith ... and is not as safe as we think. (NYT)
Napa Valley's Yodelmeister
Alan Arnopole entertains customers with his wine-vat yodel and wine-themed comedy routine at a vineyard tasting room. (SF Chronicle)