The Bottom Line
Chilling package of audio slideshows paints a grim commentary, in images and numbers, of poverty and inequity in Texas.
Alexandra Morton's Salmon Fight
In northern British Columbia, a self-trained biologist is battling fish farms in hopes of saving the orca whale population.
Water Returns to the Pima
After the largest tribal water settlement in U.S. history, some Pima are encouraging a return to traditional farming and foods for better health.
The Battle for Bristol Bay
A vote in Alaska may affect the permitting of the Pebble prospect, which could become the largest mine in North America -- and threaten wild salmon.
Rapid Descent
A short narrated slideshow about the journey of water from the mountain tops of Idaho to thunderous falls in downtown Spokane, WA.
Airsick: An Industrial Devolution
The issue of global warming is captured in a video created entirely by using 20,000 still images taken over 20 days.
Gorilla Massacre
Award-winning video unravels the mystery and explains the significance of the cold-blooded killings of nearly extinct African mountain gorillas.
Altered Oceans
A Pulitzer Prize-winning five-part series on the crisis in the seas, caused by toxins, debris, acidity, bacteria and sewage.
Curse of the Black Gold
The Niger Delta is rich in oil, yet Nigerians living there are poorer than ever, violence is rampant, and the land and water are fouled.