The Next Wave
Climate change is displacing Carteret Islanders, an indigenous culture that is losing its land to rising sea levels. (Media That Matters)
Estonia Clean Up
Citizens rally behind a grassroots volunteer effort to eradicate 10,000 tons of garbage from their country's forests ... in one afternoon. (KarmaTube)
Driftless: Stories from Iowa
The tension of contemporary rural life plays out in these bleak snapshots of people's lives in the American Midwest. (MediaStorm)
With the ground beneath them burning away, thousands of people in northeastern India live on the brink of an environmental and human disaster. (BFC)
Whidbey Island Forest
Henry Case purchased a 176-acre forest when he was 18. Now 81, he fulfills a lifelong quest to protect it from development. (Seattle Times)
The Reverse Graffiti Project
Paul "Moose" Curtis uses the dirt of the urban landscape as a backdrop for creating his unique public art. (Karma Tube)
Failing the Chesapeake Bay
From oysters to skipjacks, a way of life is fast becoming endangered. What's being done to clean up the Bay and rescue the community? (Wash. Post)
Thirst in the Mojave
With expected changes in climate, and no change in future water usage, Las Vegas could run out of water by 2021. (Las Vegas Sun)
The Truth About Moving
Why reusable plastic bins are superior to disposable cardboard boxes -- financially and environmentally.
America's Disappearing Forests
The tiny mountain pine beetle is destroying millions of acres of forests. It's the largest insect infestation in the history of North America.