A Troubled Paradise
This gorgeous tourist destination faces threats from poverty, drug addiction and impending sea-level rise.
A Tree Climber Grows in the Bronx
Young New Yorkers learn the ropes of scurrying up and around trees in the city's Million Trees Training Program for arborists. (NYT)
Acid Test
The world's oceans are being poisoned by carbon dioxide at an alarming rate and scientists are only beginning to realize it. (Natural Resources Defense Council)
The Urban Indigenous
Cultures and languages are lost as residents of the Amazon Basin move to cities looking for jobs.
Roping the Wind
Rural Texas farmer Cliff Etheredge saw an opportunity to cash in on a crop of the future that revived his dying town: wind power.
The Soundtracker
Audio ecologist Gordon Hempton records and preserves America's vanishing quiet spaces, and teaches how we can benefit from listening to the silence. (Newsweek)
Tainted Tap Water
Residents near downtown L.A. are afraid to drink their brown tap water, which contains harmful levels of dangerous chemicals. By antiquated Federal standards, it's considered safe. (NYT)
Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy
Video series confronts the nightmarish consequences of exposure to the toxic chemical defoliant sprayed by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. (Chicago Tribune)
Surviving the Tsunami
Five years after the worst natural disaster in recent history, survivors reveal the strength of the human spirit in this series of short video stories. (MediaStorm)
Bangladesh is Drowning
Rising sea levels threaten this impoverished Asian nation of 160 million people. A 6-part video story. (Politiken.dk)