Reacting to Climate Change
Local heroes throughout south Asia emerge to combat the effects of global warming. (China Daily)
5 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina
Although much has been done to rebuild New Orleans after its 2005 disaster, BP's Gulf oil spill presents yet another obstacle to the region's revival. (USA Today)
Spilling Over
Worried residents of a small Louisiana fishing community face an uncertain future. The Deepwater Horizon disaster destroyed their environment, their livelihoods, and, for some, their families. (UNC)
They've Struck Oil, But They're Not Rich
For Phan Plork, using his shrimp boat and crew for oil cleanup is filthy and dangerous work, and pays only half of what he made before BP fouled the Gulf of Mexico. (LAT)
Weed Warriors Turn Vines into Art
A Maryland couple turns pesky, non-native plants into whimsical sculptures. (WP)
A Debilitating Medical Mystery
California parents demand to know what environmental factors are causing the high number of birth defects in their community. (LAT)
Komodo: Living with the Deadly Dragons
The world's largest and most dangerous lizards live on an Indonesian island where residents -- and tourists -- give them a wide berth. (Time)
Toxic Time Bomb
An investigative report reveals that a sewage treatment center on Long Island may be on the verge of disaster. (Long Island Press)
The Future of the Florida Panther
It's the state animal, but there are only 100 left. Unless drastic measures are taken, their future is bleak. (St. Petersburg Times)
In Pursuit of Pythons
A giant, non-native snake species is invading the Everglades. Joe Wasilewski hunts them down. (Palm Beach Post)