Weekend in New York: Brazilian Music
From the Williamsburg Bridge to Greenwich Village, discover the rhythms of Brazil in New York.
Musical Test Drive
The public gets a chance to play a million-dollar Stradivarius violin before it is auctioned at Christie's.
Blind Ambition
Video profile of a college student who paints beautiful works of art in vivid colors, despite the fact that he's been blind for years.
Hustle and Grind
Award-winning video series portrays aspiring rappers and the owner of a small recording studio where they write, record and hang out -- and stay off the streets.
The Last Sideshow
Welcome to the world of the last traveling U.S. sideshow. Meet a barker who continues to fabricate the backgrounds of the people on display.
A Conversation with Sir Ian McKellen
Acting legend Sir Ian McKellen discusses Shakespeare and "Richard III," line by line, in an innovative interactive video.
Weegee's Naked City
Weegee's photos from the 1930s and '40s defined Manhattan as a film noir nightscape of gangsters, bums, slumming swells and tenement dwellers.