Happy 50th, Motown!
50-video series celebrates the iconic record label's musical stars and untold stories. Smokey, Stevie, the Supremes -- they're all here, and more. (Detroit Free Press)
Second Chance: The Jazz Singer
After taking time off to raise her son, musician Deanna Kirk is back on the stage. First in a series of six portraits of personal transformation. (NYT)
The Deaf Kid Who Played Rock 'n' Roll
After his musician son dies, a father works to record a tribute album of his songs. (The Day)
A Crescendo in the West Bank
A rising tide of interest in western classical music enables young Palestinians to escape the walls surrounding the territories. (NYT)
A Hendrix Experience in Hollywood
Look-alike, sound-alike rock legend impersonator Anthony Aquarius has Jimi down to a tee. (LAT)
Diminished Chords
Part musical instrument, part elegant furniture, the piano's once magnificent status in American living rooms is rapidly declining. Here's what we're missing.(LAT)
85 and Still Kicking
Dorothy Dale Kloss, of the Fabulous Palm Spring Follies, holds the Guinness record for being the world's oldest performing showgirl. (AARP)
Dirty Car Art
Scott Wade, the "DaVinci of Dirt," creates impermanent paintings with the dust on the windows of his Mini Cooper. (KarmaTube / Texas Country Reporter)
Tim and Eric Awesome Road Show
Comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have catapulted to TV fame with their eclectic and ironic routines. (LAT)
Collision of Dance and Disability
A dance company called Gimp, whose members have disabilities including amputated limbs, turns a prevailing notion of physical handicaps on its head. (NYT)