The Gator Symphony
Tuba players test the theory that the musical note B-flat can send alligators into mating-season ecstasy (St. Petersburg Times)
Clyde Butcher Photographs on Lake Kissimmee
A Florida legend documents the beauty of his state's wild places with a World War II-era camera. (St. Petersburg Times)
Threat Theater
Role-playing psychotherapist Barry Spodak creates mentally unbalanced characters to train law enforcement agents who protect politicians and VIPs. (WP)
Heavy Load in New York
A mixed-ability British punk band travels to the Big Apple. Can they make it in the mainstream club scene? (Hulu/Cinelan)
A Day with a Tap Legend
At 91, Ernest "Brownie" Brown shows he still has the chops to do a lively and joyous "chair dance" for entranced middle school kids. (Chicago Tribune)
Broadway's Unique Child Care
When theater workers like Sharon Wheatley of 'Avenue Q' go to work at night, who can take care of their kids? A church? (NYT)
Dance to Life: Uganda Orphans
Children who lost their parents to AIDS or war transform their grief through the arts. (Reader's Digest)
The Pied Piper
A free national classical-music program helps keep Venezuelan youth away from a life of drugs and crime. (ABC Australia)
In the Realm of Fairies
Hundreds gather to explore the fanciful world of nature spirits at an annual festival in Washington state. (Spokesman-Review)
Looking Back
Living in a treatment center for homeless veterans, Albert Lewis finds his photography to be therapeutic for himself and his community. (Media That Matters)