The Improvisers
Jazz musicians and chefs are creatively spontaneous, but so are surgeons and firefighters. A look at the unscripted moments in all our lives.
Fiddle Phenom Maggie Neatherlin
A 9-year-old musician takes center stage in Washington State's Old-Time Music community, even to her own parents' bemused amazement. (The Olympian)
Mardi Gras 1956: Through My Father's Lens
Posthumously discovered photos of a long-ago holiday parade help an artist discover her dad's secret passion, and cherish his memory. (Boing Boing)
They Might Be Giants of Science
With the release of the quirky alternative-rock duo's latest children's album, they reveal the appeal, and challenges, of entertaining kids. (Time)
Doug Smith's Recovery
A virtuoso pianist is slowly winning the rehab battle to perform once again after a truck accident left him paralyzed. (Texas Country Reporter)
Eric Bressi on Being Elvis
Yep, the King of Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well ... and spends his days entertaining in nursing homes. (AARP)
Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
Dive into the world of real-life storytelling with these bites of wisdom presented by 38 of the genre's top filmmakers from 14 countries. (NFB)
Stanford's iPhone Orchestra
University students experiment with new ways to create music -- or at least 'sculpt sound' -- by hacking their smartphones. (NYT)
Battle of the Blonds
Two Marilyn Monroe impersonators compete for attention on Hollywood Boulevard. (LAT)
Mix Tape Nostalgia: Cassette From My Ex
Homemade audio tapes of favorite song collections bring back memories of lives and loves from past decades. (Time)