Holy Cow Jumping!
The sport of Course Landaise, France's answer to bullfighting, combines leaping, spinning and smarter bovines. (Time)
Paying for Petting Time in Japan's Cat Cafes
An Osaka café provides feline lovers with a place to get their kitty fixes. (Time)
Komodo: Living with the Deadly Dragons
The world's largest and most dangerous lizards live on an Indonesian island where residents -- and tourists -- give them a wide berth. (Time)
The Future of the Florida Panther
It's the state animal, but there are only 100 left. Unless drastic measures are taken, their future is bleak. (St. Petersburg Times)
The Fish That Could Feed Haiti
Fish farming seems like a natural enterprise for this island nation, but it took a hard-working consultant from Ivory Coast to make it happen. (Time)
In Pursuit of Pythons
A giant, non-native snake species is invading the Everglades. Joe Wasilewski hunts them down. (Palm Beach Post)
Abandoned Animals in Colombia
A menagerie of exotic animals has found a haven at Villa Lorena, a refuge that rescues the castoff pets of the country's drug lords. (NYT)
Feline Dentistry
When a 700-pound kitty gets a toothache, it takes a team of specialists to help him feel better. (Spokesman-Review)
Last Minutes with Oden
As his dog's struggle with cancer finally comes to an end, Jason Woods has a tough time saying goodbye to his loyal old friend.
One for the Birds
When a recorder of birdsongs meets an artist who 'sees' sound, they make a musical language of their own.