Times of Crisis

Times of Crisis

The collapse of the global financial system sent shockwaves all over the planet. A year later, the question reverberates: 'What on earth happened?' (MediaStorm / Reuters)

In Sept. 2008, investment bank Lehman Brothers became the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history and its collapse paralyzed international financial markets. What followed was a year of upheaval.

In this Reuters/MediaStorm multimedia joint venture, we see video vignettes and photo depictions of the economic collapse and its fallout, including scenes of protests in all corners of the globe from Iceland to Greece, from Latvia to China. We see families in the U.S. forced out of their homes due to foreclosure. We see and hear explanations and anecdotes from economists, political analysts, eviction officers and former Lehman Brothers employees.

These and hundreds of other stories help to illustrate the so called “year of global change,” from September 2008 to September 2009.

This ambitious project contains a 12-minute “introductory” video and an enormous 365-day interactive timeline of short videos, photographs, articles, quotes, charts and facts relating to the global financial collapse and the toll it is taking on people all over the planet. It adds up to a multi-faceted answer to the troubling question that still reverberates: “What on earth happened to the economy?”

CHANNEL: Reuters/MediaStorm

Length: 11:42

Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Producer: Bob Sacha
Associate Producer: Alba Mora Roca
Project Concept and Direction: Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, Jassim Ahmad
Project Manager and Video Research: Shannon Ghannam
Video Assignment Editor: Yann Tessier