The Schools are Tiny. The Game is Huge.

The Schools are Tiny. The Game is Huge.

Two Texas towns are so small that their high schools play six-man football. But their historic rivalry is one of the biggest in the state. (Austin American-Statesman)

The Texas towns of Gordon and Strawn are only eight miles apart and the high schools play 6-man football because they’re so small that they don’t have enough boys to field regular 11-man teams.

Residents in both towns are crazy about football and once a year the neighboring teams play each other in a heated rivalry that began 86 years ago. The game is about as important as graduation, one player says. “All that matters is how you play on this night.”

The historic rivalry is not entirely friendly and the players carry the weight of expectations from brothers, uncles, fathers and grandfathers who played before them.

This narrated audio slideshow by the Austin American-Statesman is a well-crafted combination of stills, natural sound, music and interviews. It reveals the history of the rivalry and then builds in anticipation as it follows the teams on the night of their highly anticipated annual showdown.

CHANNEL: Austin American-Statesman

Length: 7:12

Photographed and Produced by Jay Janner
Narrated by Kevin Robbins
Music by Screen Door Music