The Sand Dancer

The Sand Dancer

New Zealand’s Peter Donnelly spends hours creating detailed beach paintings that disappear a few hours later as the tide returns. (KarmaTube)

As the tide recedes at a beach near Christchurch, New Zealand, Peter Donnelly goes to work. After a few stretches and a centering mantra, Donnelly dances across the wide, flat beach creating intricate drawings in the sand with a stick and a rake.

Most of his beach designs are completed in less than four hours and he often attracts a crowd of fans while he works. His nickname is Peter the Sand Dancer.

Donnelly works on the ground, without really being able to see what he is doing, yet from above his artwork is remarkably detailed and beautiful.

This video presented on KarmaTube and produced by CBS follows the short lifecycle of one of Donnelly’s masterpieces. Donnelly’s childlike enthusiasm is infectious and he calls his work an expression of love. He grins happily as the tide comes in to wash away his latest masterpiece.

CHANNEL: KarmaTube

Length: 3:17

Reporter: Phil Keoghan


NOTE: After showcasing this CBS video, we got word from New Zealand documentary filmmaker Valerie Reid of Force Five Films that it uses without permission footage from her award-winning 2006 video profile of the Sand Dancer.