Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

After decades of caring for her invalid younger sister at home, Clarice 'Classie' Morant, 104, moved into her sister's death bed the next night, taking her place in needing care. (WP)

Classie Morant, 104, swore that as long as she had strength, she would care for her bedridden sister, Rozzie Laney, 92. For more than 20 years, she kept that promise. After her sister’s death in 2008, Morant “lost her purpose,” and gradually became the patient herself, needing help from a group of dedicated caregivers that, as time passed, included the photojournalist who was documenting her story.

This moving slide presentation from the Washington Post is enhanced by a superb audio track that is carefully edited to the images, including the subtle vocalizations of pain and confusion that will be familiar to anyone who has cared for a fading elderly person.

Morant’s strength and devotion to family inspired those around her, and beautiful photographs of her careworn face and well-kept apartment tell the story of a survivor, who was “always taking care of somebody.” The soulful imagery of her death and empty bed concludes with two doves flying off together from the cemetery, suggesting that her sister had indeed come to get her.

CHANNEL: Washington Post

Length: 6:50

Photographer: Carol Guzy
Producer: Whitney Shefte