Surviving the Tsunami

Surviving the Tsunami

Five years after the worst natural disaster in recent history, survivors reveal the strength of the human spirit in this series of short video stories. (MediaStorm)

On Dec. 26, 2004, a massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami which eventually killed 226,000 people in 13 countries and displaced 2 million more. Five years later many communities are still struggling to recover.

Produced by MediaStorm, this project by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was created to pay tribute to some of the people whose lives were transformed by the tsunami.

Four short videos tell the stories of individuals whose lives were profoundly affected by the events during and after the tsunami hit:

• Dina, an Indonesian woman, lost three sons in the Tsunami and has found solace teaching children and facilitating post-traumatic stress support groups for the Red Cross.

• Sara, a Swedish woman, went back to school to study psychology after surviving a disastrous shipwreck in 1994 and now uses her experience to run counseling groups for Swedish survivors of the Tsunami.

• Haunted by the an infamous photograph he took of a grieving woman in the aftermath of the disaster, Arko, a Reuters photographer in India, returned to meet the woman who was the subject of the photo.

• Kushil, a wealthy Sri Lankan, immediately after the disaster converted his large home into a command station for building houses in his village and now runs a foundation for empowering poor youth.

In addition to the four video stories, the project includes an interactive map of the region’s death tolls, displaced populations and the costs of the devastation, along with a narrated timeline describing the journey of the deathly waves in the hours after the tsunami was triggered.

CHANNEL: MediaStorm

Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Produced by Eric Maierson
Design & Development by Tim Klimowicz
Video by Rahul Deshpande, Maulana Akbar, Delon Weerasinghe & Mike Toivonen
Photography by Arko Datta, Damir Sagolj, Carlos Barria, Mallory Langsdon & Bob Strong
Interviews by Nita Bhalla, Thin Lei Win & Tim Large