An NGO gets homeless Ethiopian children off the streets and helps give them an education. Meet three whose lives have been changed. (Bombay Flying Club)

In Ethiopia people often leave rural areas for Addis Ababa in search of work. But jobs can be elusive in the capital city and 100,000 people live on the streets, most of them children.

Hope for Children is an NGO dedicated to outreach work with homeless, prostitutes and children forced into indentured servitude. This project by the Bombay Flying Club is narrated in English by one of the organization’s Ethiopian founders.

It includes profiles with three young people benefiting from the program: a young man who came to the capital looking for work but ended up homeless, a former prostitute, and a young girl who spends her days gathering leaves and dry wood for firewood.

The project consists entirely of black-and-white images, and interviews and crisp natural sound. Much of Hope For Children’s work includes helping educate children to improve their futures. “Getting an education is what we street children dream about,” says one young man.

CHANNEL: Bombay Flying Club

Length: 11:00

Produced by Brent Foster, Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov


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