Silverton Saves Its Paper

Silverton Saves Its Paper

A local Colorado historical society rescues a small town's beloved century-old weekly publication on the brink of closure. (AARP)

Silverton is a remote mountain town in southwestern CO. The population is just over 500 and it is one of the highest elevation towns in the country. It is home to the Silverton Standard & the Miner, one of the oldest newspapers in the state.

In spite of its isolated geography, Silverton has not been immune to the national trends in the newspaper industry. A few years back, the Standard was taken over by a large chain and eventually its closure became imminent.

In an effort to save the paper and bring back local ownership, the local historical society stepped in to take it over. They now run the weekly paper as a non-profit with editorial independence.

Combining stunning scenery and interviews with a variety of town characters, this video by AARP captures the character of an old-time Americana community creatively navigating 21st century challenges.

A young resident proudly calls the town “more old school than new school,” and says people here prefer reading the paper than looking at the internet.


Length: 7:27

Video and Editing by Sonya Doctorian
Produced by Sonya Doctorian and Nicole Shea