Seniors Share Their Stories, Hopes and Dreams

Seniors Share Their Stories, Hopes and Dreams

As they graduate, 26 students from five high schools reflect upon their parents' influences, career goals, and future lives. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

Urban education has been a critical national issue for many years. In Rochester, NY, high poverty levels and low graduation rates have raised questions about the way the public school system is managed. But the personal stories of the school children themselves often go untold.

In this video story by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle , photographer Will Yurman went directly to the students most affected by the last 12 years of their schooling – high school seniors – and asked them about their lives.

The video is a series of interviews with 26 seniors from five different city high schools. Each student arrives at the milestone of graduation from a somewhat different path. The interviews cover topics including career goals, life at home, the influence of parents and what these young people hope for in their futures.

Shot with two Canon 5D Mark II cameras, the video combines different camera angle perspectives on each of these young adults as they speak candidly about these personal issues in their lives.

CHANNEL: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Length: 7:56

Video by Will Yurman

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