Seinfeld’s Jerry Stiller Visits Astoria

Seinfeld’s Jerry Stiller Visits Astoria

The actor best known as George Costanza's father makes a surprise stop at his 'sitcom home' in Queens ... and meets the couple living there. (NY Daily News)

It began as a newspaper assignment to photograph Jerry Stiller and the brick house whose exterior was used as his television show home in NBC’s “Seinfeld.”

On the car ride over with the reporters, Stiller muses about how much of his life on “Seinfeld” took place in the house, though he’s never actually been inside. (The interiors were shot on a Hollywood soundstage.) And then on a whim, as the car pulls up to the house, he decides he’d like to ring the doorbell and see what happens.

The New York Daily News photographer captures the unfolding story as the surprised residents open the door and proceed to invite Stiller and company into their home. They contrast their own décor – and dynamic – with that of the Costanza household. Within minutes, Stiller is chatting like old pals with Jack and Bessie Lopipero, both 84.

This short video is skillfully shot and edited and tells a sweet story from a fly-on-the-wall perspective, without the distraction of a reporter’s narration.

Bessie Lopipero says the surprise visit made her day. As for Stiller? “This is probably the best thing I ever did in my life.”

CHANNEL: New York Daily News

Length: 8:35

Videography and Production by Julia Xanthos