Rwandan Genocide: Juliette’s Story

Rwandan Genocide: Juliette’s Story

Juliette Mukakabanda works at her town's genocide museum, where her husband and two sons were massacred fifteen years ago. (Time)
Juliette Mukakabanda’s work is more than a job to her. Everyday she arrives at Murambi Genocide Memorial in the very place where her husband and two sons were killed during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.

Her family members were among the estimated 800,000 killed in just over three months in the genocide which had its roots in the Hutu-Tutsi ethnic divide.

In this video by TIME Magazine, Mukakabanda describes the day she and her family were herded into the village school for protection and the ensuing massacre. She and her infant daughter managed to escape but her family and dozens of others were killed. Mukakabanda finds solace in showing and telling visitors from around the world about what happened in hopes that it will never happen again.

Warning: Video contains images of the remains of people killed during the genocide and may be disturbing to some viewers.


Length: 4:00

Video: Brent Foster
Supervising Producer: Craig Duff