Round Rochester

Round Rochester

Weekly interactive 360-degree panoramas capture the sights and sounds of Election Day -- and a wide range of other subjects in Rochester, NY.

Poll workers, a first-time voter and Democrats and Republicans waiting anxiously for election results are all featured in three interactive panoramas of Election Day 2008 by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. One of the benefits of the multimedia age is all of new tools photographers have to work with. Rather than telling the story through a narrowly edited scene, these photographs allow the viewer to look at the scene from all directions in a fresh and creative way, as they hear a story unfold.

The 360-degree panoramas are actually a series of photos taken during a short period of time and then “stitched” together in the computer, to create the effect that you are standing in the middle of an area and able to see everything on all sides of you. They are accentuated by natural sound and audio interviews. Each photo spins slowly on an axis but the viewer can also choose to navigate around the image – left/right, up/down, forward/backward — as well as zoom in and out, all by using on-screen controls or just the computer mouse.

From the Election Day events to a field of sunflowers, a quiet evening at a local beach, a spooky cave of Halloween jack-o’lanterns, a cemetery, and a room full of exotic animals, these photos make the viewer stop and look more closely.

Photographer Will Yurman posts a new panorama each Monday.