One Man Brand: The Naked Cowboy

One Man Brand: The Naked Cowboy

When they met, he told her he was a Times Square musician. He didn't mention the part about playing in his underwear.
Robert Burck came to New York City determined to succeed. He worked as a stripper, a model and did “everything under the sun,” to find his way. Motivational books helped inspire him, and ultimately he figured out how to capitalize on his individuality – transforming himself into a Times Square icon: a singing cowboy, minus the shirt and pants.

After meeting at the gym, Burck started dating Cindy Fox. Reuters, in conjunction with MediaStorm, cleverly profiles Burck through her eyes. At the outset of their courtship, he was elusive about his job. To find out for herself, Fox went to Times Square, where he told her he performed, and was surprised by what she discovered. “I got over there and I went, ‘Oh my god.’”

You may have heard The Naked Cowboy’s story before – but never from his girlfriend’s point of view!

Length: 6:57

Photography, audio & video: Lucy Nicholson
Editor: Jassim Ahmad
Producer: Bob Sacha
Additional audio & photography: Jassim Ahmad, Bob Sacha
Transcription & ideas – Loretta Rae
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Executive Producer – Brian Storm