On Thinner Ice

On Thinner Ice

Historic photos provide striking visual warnings that the Himalayan glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, threatening billions downstream. (Mediastorm)

The Himalayan glaciers provide water for every major river system in Asia and the great civilizations of that continent were all built close to major rivers. Today, two billion people still depend on that water as a source of life.

But Himalayan glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and the Glacier Research Imaging Project (GRIP) aims to prove it. GRIP is a collaborative effort between mountaineers and scientists in which match photography is used to record the changing glaciers.

This video follows GRIP founder David Breashears as he revisits glaciers which were photographed by mountaineers in the 1920s. By photographing the same scene from the same vantage point, it is easy to compare the drastic changes caused by climate change.

The video is highlighted by beautiful images of the Himalayan region and includes interviews with scientists and climate change experts.

This project was produced by GRIP, the Asia Society and Mediastorm. In addition to the video and other resources, the package features a striking collection of glacier images comparing historical photographs with 2008 images, made possible by David Breashears and GRIP.

CHANNEL: Mediastorm/ Asia Society

Length: 7:58

Producer: Bob Sacha
Associate Producer: Michael Zhao
Graphics: Jackie Myint
Executive Producers: Orville Schell and Brian Storm