Obsessives: Soda Pop

Obsessives: Soda Pop

John Nese is the Willy Wonka of carbonation. His L.A. specialty store offers more than 500 types of fizzy beverages -- but no Pepsi. (Chow.com)

Soda pop is just one of the many topics explored in a series of short videos produced by Chow.com, a site devoted to food, drink and entertainment. The series is called “Obsessives,” and each installment features an individual who is happily “obsessed” with a specific food-related product.

Subjects include a wide range of interests, from urban farming, to high-end sake, to cheese. Interesting characters are seen in their environment responding to off-camera questions regarding their particular passion, and the story behind it. Transitions are introduced with a freeze frame in black-and-white.

“Obsessives: Soda Pop” is a typical example of the format, featuring John Nese, the affable owner of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles, who prides himself on finding obscure brands. To qualify, beverages must be made from natural ingredients, sold in glass bottles, use sugar instead of corn syrup, and “taste good.”

Dubbed the Willy Wonka of carbonation, Neese strolls down the aisles of his store touting the virtues of unusual drinks that are mostly produced by small, independent bottlers. Want a flower-flavored soda or a bubbly cucumber drink called “Mr. Q. Cumber?” Galco’s has it. Cake lovers may want to also view “Obsessives: Wedding Cakes,” to see cakemaking elevated to fine art.

“Obsessives: Soda Pop” was nominated for an Emmy award in the New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle & Culture category.

CHANNEL: Chow.com

Length: 12:58

Producer: Meredith Arthur