Not Ready to Land

Not Ready to Land

Octogenarian pilot Dick Padgett has spent most of his life in the air. (Eddie Adams Workshop)
Every morning Dick Padgett, 83, heads out to a small, regional airport in Wurtsboro, NY. He doesn’t fly everyday anymore, just on the days when he feels like it.

Padgett has logged over 100,000 flights in his lifetime and has spent thousands of hours above the clouds. He was a fighter pilot in World War II and lost many friends. Looking back on his life he says if he could have changed anything it would be to never have had that war.

This quiet profile story was produced at the 2009 Eddie Adams Workshop. The video skillfully combines still photographs, moving images and time lapse sequences. The entire story is narrated by Padgett’s voice but uses no video from the interview.

Named for its Pulitzer prize-winning founder, the Eddie Adams Workshop is an annual four-day gathering of top photojournalism professionals and 100 competitively selected students.

CHANNEL:Eddie Adams Workshop

Length: 3:52

Photography, Audio and Video: Celia Tobin
Multimedia Producer: Maisie Crow
Executive Producers: Rich Beckman, Tom Kennedy, Brian Storm
Graphics: Jacky Myint
Multimedia Tech: Bob Houlihan
Digital Tech: Monica Lopossay
Team Leader: Jonathan Torgovnik
Team Editor: Nancy Andrews
Team Producer: Chris Ramirez