Napa Valley’s Yodelmeister

Napa Valley’s Yodelmeister

Alan Arnopole entertains customers with his wine-vat yodel and wine-themed comedy routine at a vineyard tasting room. (SF Chronicle)

“That’s Vintnertainment!” says Arnold Arnopole of Peju Winery when describing his freeform musical comedy act behind the wine bar at this Napa Valley, California, tasting room.

The San Francisco Chronicle video captures the necktie-clad yodeler with his head in a giant wine vat (for haunting acoustic effects), and “rapping” lyrics homeboy-style to describe wines he’s pouring.

His Arnold Schwarznegger impersonation, when describing a “non-girly-man merlot,” reminds us that a big personality can add vivacity to a small job.

CHANNEL: San Francisco Chronicle (

Length: 2:29

Camera & Editing: Michael Maloney