My Personal Foreign Aid Program

My Personal Foreign Aid Program

Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof travels to the Dominican Republic to assess the merits of his Plan USA sponsorship of a local child. (NYT)

When faced with the question of “how to solve poverty abroad,” New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof shares his personal five-year effort of sending $24 a month to sponsor a young boy in the Dominican Republic through international development organization Plan USA. Traveling across the border from an assignment in Haiti, Kristof considers the effectiveness of his charity as he personally meets and mingles with six-year-old Yuneiris and his family.

Kristof explains how the specific endorsement of a single child is not entirely accurate, since most of his money goes to public health projects and school improvements for the benefit of the entire community. Still, the results appear as a worthwhile effort in an age of perceived futility. Kristof concludes, “I’m satisfied that the money I’ve sent over the years has been put to good use.”

CHANNEL: New York Times

Length: 4:55

Reporting by Nicholas D. Kristof
Produced by Erik Olsen