Maya Lin’s ‘Wave Field’

Maya Lin’s ‘Wave Field’

The artist found fame at 21 by designing the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. Look at what she is creating now.

Yale senior Maya Lin, then 21, catapulted to fame in 1981 when her design was selected from a large pool of entries for the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. Since then Lin has continued her design work in architecture, memorials and art. Her new project “Wave Field” is an 11-acre installation at Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY, which opens in Spring, 2009. “Wave Field” is the third in a series of wave field installations and consists of seven rows of rolling hills shaped like ocean waves. Walking around the stunning landscape of Storm King and later in her Manhattan studio, Lin discusses her art and connecting it with her love of science and nature in this New York Times video. Although her formal training is in architecture, Lin describes her difficulty in choosing between architecture and art and how she strives to do both. “Making architecture is like writing a novel and making a work of art is like writing a poem,” she says.

Length: 5:04

Video: Erik Olsen & Carol Kino
Photography: Teresa Zabala, Maya Lin Studio, Norman McGrath, Robin Hill, Michael Cannell, Brad Feinknopf, Colleen Chartier, Getty Images, Reuters