Locke and Christina

Locke and Christina

A young couple finds that a relationship formed at the Smiling Skull Saloon can work -- even when a baby arrives. (Soul of Athens)

When Locke Wolf met Christina, she was a waitress in his father’s bar, the “Smiling Skull Saloon,” and he was barely old enough to legally enter the building. Wolf says that he was “after her” from day one, but Christina thought he was just another kid. The two now have a 6-month-old baby, a situation that Christina never thought she’d be in “in a million years.” Rather than the baby being a burden, however, the Wolfs say that becoming parents has strengthened their relationship. Locke is taking better care of himself, and Christina is working and in school.

This video, produced by a student in the Ohio University School of Visual Communication program called “Soul of Athens,” may have been a pedestrian story if it weren’t for the alternative lifestyle of the characters. Locke’s heavy metal-ish band “Empirian” now plays in the Smiling Skull, and his music is featured in the video. Christina is seen cradling the baby in arms covered with tattoos, and the extended family around the dinner table includes Locke’s heavily bearded Dad. Simple audio effects that match the narration — knocking pool balls, baby sounds — add texture, and rapidly paced segments add rhythm to the piece.

CHANNEL: Soul of Athens

Length: 2:57

Audio, Photography and production by Abby Verbosky