Killer Blue: Baptized by Fire

Killer Blue: Baptized by Fire

Ambitious video project takes an up-close and personal journey into the perilous lives of seven U.S. soldiers based in Mosul, Iraq. (AP)

Killer Blue – a unit of the Ft. Hood-based 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment’s 3rd Squadron – served a 15-month combat tour in Mosul, Iraq. The platoon was housed in a joint U.S.-Iraqi base at the intersection of two of the most dangerous roads in Mosul.

This ambitious project by the Associated Press is a personal look into the lives of this group of soldiers, and is a follow-up to the AP’s 2008 video essay “My Good Luck Charm” about objects seven soldiers carry with them for good luck.

The story is divided into four short videos set amidst the rubble of war-torn Iraq and back home again at the end of deployment:

1. “We Were Family” focuses on the friendships formed among platoon members.
2. “Who Are We Fighting” is a close-up look at stress and intensity of battle scenes.
3. “He Was My Friend” focuses on soldiers’ memories and reflections upon their fellow soldiers who died in the war.
4. “I Move On” is a look at re-adjustment and life at home after deployment.

The months-long project includes interviews with the soldiers, their families at home, written profiles and striking black-and-white still images of the seven soldiers – two of whom were killed in battle.

Warning: The videos include some graphic images and language.

CHANNEL: Associated Press

Lead Producer: Evan Vucci
Video: Rick Bowmer, Eric Gay, Evan Vucci
Photography: Maya Alleruzzo, Rick Bowmer, Evan Vucci
Reporting: Maya Alleruzzo, Rick Bowmer, Bernadette Tuazon, Evan Gucci
Multimedia Editor: Greg Henderson
Original Music: Dan Balilty