Just a Minute

Just a Minute

A series of 60-second videos celebrate city sights and sounds, from a night of bikeracing to a day at the beach to practicing Parkour. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

Short and sweet, each of these videos is just one minute long. A local farmers’ market, a movie theatre, a bike race, beach scenes and Parkour practitioners – these are the subjects of the first five videos in an ongoing series by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Each video combines natural sound and images but avoids interviews or traditional storytelling. The resulting essays are called “video soundscapes” by the photographer producers.

The videos explore places and events in the Rochester, NY. Tight editing, pacing and creative combining of audio with images make these videos noteworthy. As simple as the exercise sounds, there’s more to it than meets the eye or ear.

It’s an experiment in creating video stories without the story, using just the b-roll or interstitial segments in a movie, the stuff that happens between dramatic moments. One wonders what the result would have been if the camera did follow one of the subjects in each segment, and focus on that character, or even draw our attention to a step-by-step sequential process as opposed to random moments. Then we would have the satisfaction of a sympathetic protagonist and/or a gripping dramatic narrative. But these sights and sounds will have to suffice, and stimulate our imagination into wondering what’s taking place in and around them.

CHANNEL: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Length: 1:00

By Will Yurman, Jen Rynda and Annette Lein