Journey Along the Border

Journey Along the Border

At the intersection of the U.S. and Mexico, a travelog of two countries embroiled in ever-escalating issues of migration and drug violence. (WP)

In this multi-part series examining the embroiled U.S.-Mexican border, the Washington Post investigates the escalating drug-related issues surrounding these two contrasting nations. This is a sequel to its previous series, “Mexico at War: On the Front Lines.”

As the spiraling violence of the Mexican drug war rages just south of the border, we embark on a journey from the conflict’s epicenter at Ciudad Juarez westward to Tijuana. Along the way we bear witness to the stories of smugglers, addicts, bystanders and lawmen. We learn how Mexicans are coping with the violence, and examine the growing concerns that Americans have with the plight of their neighbors. Beginning with an illuminating piece on cartel-waged violence against Mexican drug treatment centers, this series provides an engaging on-the-ground report on what is quickly becoming the hemisphere’s biggest story.

CHANNEL: Washington Post

By Travis Fox and William Booth


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