Johnnie Footman: NYC’s 90-Year-Old Cabbie

Johnnie Footman: NYC’s 90-Year-Old Cabbie

Meet a taxi driver who’s been swerving through Manhattan traffic for over 60 years. (MediaStorm)

At 90, Johnnie Footman is probably the oldest cabbie driver in New York City. He’s been navigating the big city streets for over 60 years and still makes it to work several days a week though he avoids highway driving due to his age.

This multimedia story captures Footman’s spunk as he covers his opinions on his customers, women and his past. ‘I’m just a nasty, good, nasty cab driver, that’s all.’

Produced by MediaStorm, the video combines still images, video, music and sights and scenes from the Big Apple to create a lively and hip profile piece.

The video was made during MediaStorm’s advanced multimedia reporting workshop number 6.

CHANNEL: MediaStorm

Length: 3:58

Photography and Video: Jan Johannessen and Charlotte Oestervang
Audio: Scott Anger and Charlotte Oestervang
Audio and Video Editing: Scott Anger, Megan Lange
Producer: Scott Anger
Assistant Producer: Megan Lange
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Additional Video and Transcription: Megan Lange and Scott Anger
Graphics: Jacky Myint
Workshop Director: Jessica Stuart