Ian Fisher: American Soldier

Ian Fisher: American Soldier

PULITZER PRIZE WINNER. A comprehensive look at a young man's two-year journey from high school graduate to Army grunt stationed in Iraq. An 8-part video series.(Denver Post)

Ian Fisher says he first started thinking about joining the military when he was 15. With the support of his parents and friends, Fisher enlisted in the Army soon after finishing high school.

The Denver Post spent two years following Fisher on this journey from high school graduation through boot camp, deployment in Iraq and his eventual return home. Through a series of 8 videos, this exhaustive multimedia project chronicles Fisher’s life as it is shaped by his experiences of young adulthood.

The project intersperses still photographs and videos interviews with Fisher, his parents and Army colleagues, capturing his day-to-day experiences as a recruit, soldier, son and friend.

The project was published over three days and includes photo galleries, in-depth stories and a unique collection of multimedia extras including a glossary of military terms, snapshots through Humvee windows and messages from soldiers to their loved ones back home.

Craig F. Walker won the 94th annual Pulitzer Prize in Journalism in the Feature Photography category “for his intimate portrait of a teenager who joins the Army at the height of insurgent violence in Iraq, poignantly searching for meaning and manhood. “

CHANNEL: Denver Post

Photography, Videography and Reporting: Craig F. Walker
Flash Production, Design, Video Editing & Photo Editing: Meghan Lyden
Photo Editing, Design and Production: Tim Rasmussen
Photo Imaging: Don Pavlin
Reporting: Kevin Simpson, Bruce Finley & Michael Riley

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