Hard Times

Hard Times

Coast-to-coast travel videoblog explores how Americans are coping with the economic downturn -- and how it may influence their vote.
The Washington Post embarks on an engaging cross-country report exploring the many facets of America’s current financial misfortunes. Designed as a map-guided election-year travel blog that seeks to convey a sense of Steinbeck for the digital age, videojournalist Travis Fox posts profiles of the everyday Americans he encounters on his introspective journey from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., and explores how the economic downturn may influence their vote in the upcoming presidential election.

We see the sobering reality of a homeless family in Santa Barbara, testimony from members of the ‘Okie’ generation, a Las Vegas homeowner staring down foreclosure -– interspersed with historical photographs that echo the all-too-timely parallels to the 20th Century’s Great Depression. This multi-faceted effort is well worth keeping an eye on as Fox continues his travels eastward at such a pivotal moment in the nation’s history.

Video: Travis Fox

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