A courageous Palestinian refugee, injured in a bomb blast, rises above the violence in Lebanon with wit, humor and strength. He's 12. (Media that Matters)

Mohammad Hajj Mousa, 12, lives in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon and suffers post traumatic stress after being injured in a bomb blast in 2006.

In this touching video which won the Jury Award at the 8th annual Media That Matters Festival, Mohammad reflects upon his life and the ways he tries to keep positive in spite of his tragic history. He is intelligent, charming and wise beyond his years, and his story reflects the fate of many innocent victims of war.

The Media That Matters Film Festival showcases short films on important topics of the day. Every June, Media That Matters presents a new collection of twelve shorts.

CHANNEL: Media That Matters

Length: 9:25

Directed by Anwar Saab
Produced by Tima Khalil
Camera and Editing: Anwar Saab
Production Manager: Mohamed Ajami
Sound: Rayan Obeidiyine