Got an Hour

The War Briefing
Attacks on U.S. soldiers in 'the forgotten war' in Afghanistan have reached an all time high, making it a deadlier battlefield than Iraq.
Can You Afford to Retire?
Vanishing pensions and inadequate 401(k) savings may force baby boomers to keep working into old age, just to survive.
Boy with the Incredible Brain
What goes on inside the head of savant Daniel Tammet, who can calculate Pi to 22,500 digits and learn a language in a week?
Peace Pilgrim:  American Sage
For 29 years, Mildred Norman Ryder walked 25,000 miles alone, crisscrossing America with her message of goodness, truth and love.
Age of Uncertainty
Ambitious multi-faceted series tackles issues affecting the rapidly growing elderly population ... and who will care for them. (Roanoke Times)
Fascinating feature-length look at the transformation of lives in small-town Crawford, Texas, after George W. & Laura decided to call it home.