Freedom’s Ride

Freedom’s Ride

Two diverse groups of students -- one from Harlem, NY, one from Long Valley, NJ -- retrace the Civil Rights Movement together.

It was a journey that brought a period of history alive. High school students from Harlem, NY and Long Valley, NJ boarded a bus bound for Alabama to retrace the Civil Rights Movement.

Named “Freedom Ride 2008,” the trip followed some of the same routes taken 47 years earlier by activists known as “freedom riders” who traveled on buses and trains into the deep South to test racial discrimination laws.

This video by independent filmmakers Thomas Kelly and Gail Mooney follows the students’ journey to Birmingham where they visited various sites of historic significance to the Civil Rights Movement. More importantly, the trip is an eye opener to the students who themselves live very segregated lives.

NOTE: This video is an abridged online version of a 26-minute documentary.

Length: 8:48

Produced and Filmed by Thomas Kelly and Gail Mooney
Edited by Gail Mooney
Executive Producer: Sam Fairchild