Estonia Clean Up

Estonia Clean Up

Citizens rally behind a grassroots volunteer effort to eradicate 10,000 tons of garbage from their country's forests ... in one afternoon. (KarmaTube)

In 2008, Estonians rallied to clean up 10,000 tons of garbage and industrial waste from their forests — in a single afternoon. Concerned that it would take the government 3 years and millions of euros, the “Let’s Do It” volunteer campaign was devised to circumvent the languid pace of bureaucracy via a dynamic ground-up volunteer campaign.

As it gathered momentum from a mere concept, the strategy used a volunteer coordination team that involved talented individuals from all over the country. Soon, the effort was a high-tech juggernaut that involved a computerized mapping strategy and celebrity public service spots. When the prearranged day arrived, some 50,000 Estonians showed up to not only make “Let’s Do It” a resounding success, but one of the most effective volunteer strategies of modern times.

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